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It all started over the Christmas Holidays in 2006 ...

I woke up with an excruciating headache that was getting worse by the minute. I was rushed to the hospital and thanks to a carefully executed spinal tap, I was diagnosed with viral meningitis.

Since there is no treatment, the doctors just monitored me, and after a week told me to go home and rest.

That was it!

There was no guidance on how to overcome the extreme fatigue, brain fog, cognitive issues, dizziness, inability to find words, intense pain with eye movements, headaches, and emotional waterfall that followed for years to come.

I carried on in life as best as I could, but life was not the same...I WAS NOT THE SAME

Five years later, I sustained a concussion from a tiny car accident and once again all hell broke loose in my brain intensifying every symptom I ever had.

This WTF moment lead me on a ferocious journey to learn EVERYTHING I could on how to enhance my cognitive vitality and create better brain health so this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!

After thousands of hours of studying Clinical Neuroscience with advanced training in Functional Medicine, fast forward to today...

I have the privilege of helping the most amazing women from all around the world enhance their cognitive vitality and create better brain health via my Healthier Brain Project - A Powerful 100-Day Brain Optimizing Program that Banishes Brain Fog and Boosts Brain Function.

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