The Cognitive Connections 
Membership Experience

The only private community for women committed to enhancing cognitive vitality

Get clarity, community, strategies, and all the support you need for each season of your brain health journey. From brain health assessment to restoration of function, enhancing cognitive vitality to peak neuro performance — Cognitive Connections has everything you need to bring your brain health rejuvenation to reality at any age!


You Are Here Because You Are Tired & Frustrated 
From Experiencing the Following Symptoms  


  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Light Headedness
  • Light & Sound Sensitivity


  • Difficulty Falling Asleep
  • Difficulty Staying Asleep
  • Fatigued
  • Sleeping More
  • Sleeping Less


  • Anxious
  • Depressed
  • Irritable
  • Panic Attacks
  • Loss of Filter


  • Memory Problems
  • Loss of Focus
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Difficulty Multitasking
  • Difficulty With Mental Tasks

Plus ...



You know you need to do something before your brain functions become worse, but...

...you have no clue where to begin



You know
 hiring various health care practitioners will be expensive, time-consuming, and conflict-ridden, but...

...you're not sure what your options are



You know you need to be improving your brain health but...

...there's a lot to manage on your own



You know cognitive decline leads to Alzheimer's and there's no cure, and...

...you are worried that will be your faith










Before I tell you all about this life-changing membership,
let’s talk about who this is really for…

Cognitive Connections is for all women at different ages and stages of their brain health journey
who have a desire and are committed to
improving their brain health

Cognitive Connections is for you if…

You’re ready to break free from the old “there's nothing that can be done” excuse and make your brain health restoration dreams happen. Stuck is NOT going to be a word in your vocabulary moving forward, which means you need a place to go to ask questions and find encouragement to go for your goals!
You haven’t quite reached the "fully restored function" finish line and you know extra support, accountability, and community is what you need to reach this milestone (as well as all your subsequent milestones!)
You want to enhance your cognitive vitality and go from average cognitive scores to above-average and be more energetic, dynamic, creating new life-changing opportunities, and be more present for your friends and family.
You know this is your year to stop playing small and take your neuro potential to another level. Become the parent, the partner, the athlete, the visionary, the person you have craved to be, and surrounding yourself with the right community is how you’ll get there.

Cognitive Decline Could Be Reversed with Brain Health Strategies

  • Lifestyle Medicine
  • Brain Based Exercises
  • Diet & Exercise

You Could Enhance Your Cognitive Vitality & NeuroPerformance

  • Your Memory is Sharp & You Have Greater Word Recall
  • Your Ability to Concentrate & Multitask is Improved
  • You Have More Energy & Can Accomplish More in Life

You Start Sleeping Better, Feeling Better & Your Emotions Stabilize

  • You Feel More Energetic & Happy
  • Your Relationships with Family & Friends Improves
  • You Feel You Can Do More in Life - at work/school, advance your career, travel, hobbies

You Received Ongoing Mentorship with Clear Action Steps

  • You Have Clarity on How You Can Improve Your Brain Health - no more feeling lost or stuck
  • You Feel Empowered & Enthusiastic - no longer feeling afraid of the unknown faith of your brain health, life & relationships
  • You Feel Confident on What To Do To Improve Your Brain Health - no longer feeling overwhelmed or confused 

You Were Supported by a Women's Brain Health Community

  • You Could Connect with other Women Who Have Experienced the Same and Have Created Better Brain Health
  • You Have a Safe & Supportive Non-Judgemental Environment to Share Your Struggles & Accomplishments
  • You Have a Resourceful Community of Women Who GET IT since They Have Lived it too
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Here's what COGNITIVE CONNECTIONS is all about

As a member, you’ll get monthly access to 4 essential elements:


Welcome to the sweetest women's only brain health community around!

This is the promise land of brain-boosting besties, collaborations, ongoing accountability, and trustworthy feedback.

It’s here that you’ll build a strong network of peers doing big things and cheering you on while you do the same.

Evidenced-Based Brain Health Strategies

I’m all about helping you find the shortcuts to greater growth — but only when those shortcuts are put to the test first by quality research and science.

Every strategy you get inside of Cognitive Connections has already been through the put BS meter (Better Science).

You’ll get new step-by-step strategies every month that you can use over and over again to get next-level results. These strategies will focus on four key areas for growth: brain injury healing, restoration of function, enhancing cognitive vitality, and peak neuro performance.

Behind the Scenes Access

Who doesn’t love a sneak peek that reveals what it *really* takes to build a healthier brain and most importantly, enjoyable neuro potential!?

I've never before shared this level of detail about my brain center, or my personal life but as a member of Cognitive Connections, that's exactly what you get!

Real-life stories providing inspiration, troubleshooting, and celebrating accomplishments.


Believe it or not, the biggest factor impacting your ability to have better brain health is YOU.

That’s why in Cognitive Connections, you’ll get the ongoing support and brain health coaching you need to side-step years of struggle and reach your goals a whoooole lot faster!

I'm ready for Cognitive Connections!



As a member of the Cognitive Connections Experience,
here’s what you’ll get every single month:



Live Monthly Momentum Masterclass Training

A hyper-focused action-oriented training session with me where I'll break down the current research so we can dig deeper into what’s working now in the world of brain health. The focus will be on how you can implement these strategies in your own life — with time for questions, of course. These strategies will build upon each other, month by month, and help you gain even more clarity on how to implement them for brag-worthy results amongst your friends.


Behind the Scenes

From case reviews to examination findings, lab test workups to peak performance training — I’ll be pulling back the curtain every month and show you how I work with various clients and share my own brain health habits and daily routines. These quick snippets are meant to inspire, inform, and encourage you to try new things and start thinking and planning about the possibilities for you as a brain health-savvy trailblazer you are becoming.


Cognitive Connections Protocols

These are the exact evidence-based protocols I use (for myself) and in my private practice for every season of the Cognitive Connections success path — We’re talking assessments, evaluations, neuro therapies, healthy brain recipes, lifestyle recommendations, supplements, checklists, those sexy apps that you need to monitor your brain health — if it makes your life easier, we’ve got you covered. You’ll get a plug-and-play protocol every single month to master implementing everything you learn in Cognitive Connections.

*Always talk with your doctor before making a change in your health habits


A Live Q&A Session with Yours Truly

In every season of your brain health journey, you’ll have questions and with Cognitive Connections, you’ll have a place to get the answers during our monthly Q&A session. This is your chance to eliminate confusion and ultimately, never get stuck again. These Q&A’s will empower you to remove “can’t” or “I don’t know what to do” from your vocabulary.

๐Ÿ‘‰ YES, I'M IN! ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

…And it gets even better…


Bonus Time!

Private Facebook Group

Cultivating real connections and community has never been more important than it is now. One of the most powerful ways you can create better brain health and a brain-healthy lifestyle is by belonging to a community of like-minded women.

When you are part of a collective with the true sense of community, support, and encouragement woven between each woman, that's when the magic happens.

This is a private member-only FB group exclusively for women. Here you will have access to Dr. Habanova and her team, you can ask questions, share insights, tips, tricks, and celebrate your wins and support one another. It's a high vibe non-judgemental community designed to elevate us in enhancing our cognitive vitality and pursuit of better brain health.

Women's Brain Health FB Group


Exclusive Bonus!

The 4 Days of Discovery - Banish Brain Fog Challenge Recordings ($97 Value)

In this exclusive bonus, you’ll receive all the recordings from the 4 Days of Discovery - Banish Brain Fog Challenge in June 2021. This includes the:

  • training videos from Day 1-3
  • live Q&As from Day 1-3
  • 1hr Masterclass with QnA on Day 4

Rewatch them as often as you like, continue implementing the steps and strategies and refer back to these recordings anytime.


Annual Member Bonus!

1 VIP Ticket to The Virtual Women's Brain Health Summit 2022 ($497 Value)

Want game-changing results in your brain health? An insanely fun experience where you’ll learn more in 2 days than many learn in 2 months?

If the answer is a resounding “YES!!!",  then get ready for the only live event dedicated to exclusively supporting women's brain health with the latest strategies, endless inspiration, powerhouse speakers, and access to an ambitious and supportive community of fellow female go-getters at The Virtual Women's Brain Health Summit 2022!

This is the place to be if you want to create long-lasting results in not only your brain health but your overall life and vitality — the cherry on top? You’ll create connections that last a lifetime and because it’s virtual you’ll always have a front-row seat.

This is for someone who is serious about long-term brain health and loves to take advantage of a GREAT deal. By enrolling in an annual membership, you'll not only get the best price, you'll also unlock these special bonuses:

  • Get TWO months free (save $194)
  • Private Members Only community (priceless)
  • The 4 Days of Discovery -Banish Brain Fog Challenge Recordings ($97 Value)
  • A VIP ticket to my virtual live event, Women's Brain Health Summit 2022 (a $497 value)
  • This is the event of the year and the best opportunity there is to connect with like-minded brain-boosting cognitive-enhancing women. Don’t discount the power of experiences like this to catalyze crazy growth in your cognitive vitality and help you rise!
$970 / Year
$97 / Month

When it comes to your brain health,
there’s no such thing as a finish line

There’s no limit to your neuro performance potential. No ceiling to your brain growth. No cap on your impact.
That’s why Cognitive Connections isn’t about doing more, it’s about implementing what you learn,
refining what’s working for you, optimizing your brain health, and enhancing your cognitive abilities
by continually cycling through the 4 Seasons of Brain Health Success.

Cognitive Connections Has You Covered For All 4 Seasons!
Here Are Just Some Of The Topics We Address
In-Depth Inside The Mentorship Membership:

  • Previous Brain Injuries
  • Brain - Gut Axis
  • Self Care Routines & Sleep
  • Influence of Hormonal Imbalances
  • Brain Health Assessments
  • Laboratory & Diagnostic Testing
  • Cognitive Performance Strategies
  • Inflammation & Infections
  • Balance & Spatial Orientation
  • Brain Healthy Eating
  • Mindful Movement
  • Talking with Loved Ones About Brain Heath
  • And so much more...

Burning Q’s your Fellow Female Colleagues Asked Before Grabbing Their Access to Cognitive Connections



Every 65 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer's


Alzheimer's Disease begins in the brain 20 years before a diagnosis


The number of American's currently living with Alzheimer's Disease


Research shows cognitive decline can be reversed and Alzheimer's avoided

Hi, I'm Dr. Tatiana Habanova


I'm here for YOU!  I've committed my career to help women banish brain fog, enhance their cognitive vitality, and create a brain-healthy lifestyle with less stress and more success.

I'm a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist with more than twenty years of professional experience.  I've also experienced brain injury personally, so I deeply understand and can relate to the vast number of emotions and changes in your life you may be experiencing.

I've been where you are... experiencing a decline in brain function and feeling:

• afraid  • confused • panicked • overwhelmed • stressed • fatigued • lost • exhausted • mentally paralyzed • hopeless • depressed • ashamed •  frustrated • embarrassed • alone and so on.

My advice... get guidance!  It's too risky not to improve your brain health and there's no need for you to do it alone.  I've helped hundreds of women who are experiencing these very same feelings emerge from their declined brain function feeling mentally sharper, more energetic, and whole again.

I can help you too!  Join me in this mentorship membership and you'll see just how powerful we can be together.  

I'm here for you! 
~ Dr. Tatiana Habanova
Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist



Wondering If Cognitive Connections Is Right For You, Read What Satisfied Members Are Saying About Their AMAZING Experience With Cognitive Connections


Dr. Tatiana Habanova is an amazing person to work with. She takes her time and explains everything so you are at ease and know the what and why at all times.


I will be forever grateful for Dr. Habanova's knowledge and expertise..and especially for her kindness and encouragement. This has truly been an amazing journey toward wellness and I couldn’t be in better hands.


Dr. Habanova's explanation of the fundamentals and her emphasis on those building blocks has been very helpful for both my understanding and my improvement.

The foolproof formula to find out if the 
Cognitive Connections Experience is right for you:

If you can tick at least 3 of the boxes, don’t skip a beat!
Join Cognitive Connections, I know you’ll find yourself right at home.

Check all that apply









This is for someone who is serious about long term brain health and loves to take advantage of a GREAT deal. By enrolling in an annual membership, you'll not only get the best price, you'll also unlock these special bonuses:

  • Get TWO months free (save $194)
  • Private Members Only community (priceless)
  • The 4 Days of Discovery -Banish Brain Fog Challenge Recordings ($97 Value)
  • A VIP ticket to my virtual live event, Women's Brain Health Summit 2022 (a $497 value)
  • This is the event of the year and the best opportunity there is to connect with like-minded brain-boosting cognitive-enhancing women. Don’t discount the power of experiences like this to catalyze crazy growth in your cognitive vitality and help you rise!
$970 / Year
$97 / Month